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LES REVERS DE L’ÂME PRODUCTIONS is a French association of music, painting, and writing enthusiasts. Influenced by black metal, progressive rock, shoegaze or rap, our vocation is to promote groups and original artistic projects.

«Les revers de l’âme productions are the expression of our troubles and reveries, joy, sorrows and desires. A reality where the truth and the false mix, the beautiful and the evils.»



A few months after their entry into the studio, the brand new album by Hurlenoir & IIL is soon to be finalized!

While waiting for more info, their first album ‘Létharmine’ is still available.

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[IIL / CERNÉ ] Influenced for years by the French-speaking scene, IIL will then work on a modern approach to rap with a highlighting of soaring melodies combined with energetic rap.

The album « Cerné » represents a portion of the artist’s life with a storytelling put forward to tell personal experiences but also to project himself into a fictional universe itself extrapolated from reality.

[IIL / INCENDIE ] IIL unveils his first track from his rap album « Cerné » to be released on September 30, 2022.

In the meantime here is INCENDIE listening on all the usual streaming platforms.

Full track here. SAVE THE DATE

[HURLENOIR ] unveils its latest clip entitled Adieu . The opportunity for the artist to come full circle by celebrating the 1 year of his latest EP, « Achromaria » but also to say goodbye to a world in perdition.
The black and white visual is captivating, we are immersed in its dark and grandiose universe.

New things are coming, stay tune.

FEBRUARY 13th : Live session, an acoustic version of DTMC extract from the EP « Létharmine »

AUGUST 13th : For the release of the new album ACHROMARIA Les revers de l’âme productions and Hurlenoir unveil the music video ‘Maria’.


JULY 16th : ‘M o n a r q u e’ will be realized on Les Revers de l’Âme Productions.
The beautiful, the renewal but also the ephemeral and the fragility.
A rock atmosphere with acoustic touches…


Extract from the debut album « ACHROMARIA » forthcoming on AUGUST 13, 2021.

[HURLENOIR / 1993 ] It’s with pleasure that we unveil the Hurlenoir’s first song ‘1993’. The first broadcast will be realized by Yami Spechie on June, 18th. ‘1993’ is extract from the debut album « ACHROMARIA » forthcoming on AUGUST 13, 2021.


[HURLENOIR / NEW ALBUM ] Les revers de l’âme productions are happy to announce the date of the new album of Hurlenoir ACHROMARIA which will be released on August 13th. We will unveil a first title to you on June 18th. In the meantime, we let you discover some of his work here.

Hurlenoir evolves in a rock and post-punk style with a predilection for dark and melancholic atmospheres.
He claims the influence of groups like Varsovie, the first Noir Désir, Joy Division as well as the Metal and Coldwave scenes.
The texts in French are marked by a decadent and expressionist writing. With references linked to personal crises, Hurlenoir confronts us with our own condition.


Hurlenoir & IIL vinyl

[HURLENOIR& IIL] Once again our friends have gone out of their way to offer us a unique work. LP 12″ Black Hand-painted edition is available on our shop.

[HURLENOIR& IIL] For the release of the first album « Létharmine », the duo Hurlenoir & IIL share their new animated clip.
Entirely realized by their care, Hurlenoir & IIL collaborate again and again to give another dimension to the major title « Il Nocte ».



[DISTRO] French band born in 2013, SAPAUDIA made a strong impression with his first album Furvus Spiritus Ancellus.
In a very particular style, this one had indeed appeared apart in the Black Metal scene.
A year later, the one-man-band became a duo, Duc de Sapaudie teaming up for the occasion with Swedish Ravenlord, best known for having been the lead singer of WOODS OF INFINITY. « Sainte Nuit » was released in 2016 via Sinistre Hanse a little French label closed today.
Airy and subtle music emerges from the whole, torturing and melancholy. Where the scene usually exploits the concept of forests, snow in a pagan and dark way, with a mysterious or even evil , SAPAUDIA plunges us into a childish nostalgia for Christmas night.

Digipack Sapaudia « Sainte Nuit » available now on our shop :

Sapaudia digipack sainte nuit


Hurlenoir & IIL - letharmine LP

[HURLENOIR& IIL] Létharmine, their first album is finally available everywhere. We have been working behind the scenes for the past month to prepare this 100% self-produced album.
Other projects are to come, in particular a physical release of which we will speak again very soon.

You can listen Létharmine here

[HURLENOIR& IIL] After a year of work we are proud to announce the arrival of Hurlenoir & IIL’s debut album « Létharmine ». The album will be available on all platforms starting November 20. In the meantime, here is the official teaser.


« Voici la mort du ciel » marks a certain evolution for Hurlenoir, at the same time more conceptual and more accomplished.
With his half-sung half-spoken French singing, Hurlenoir succeeded in imposing his style, at the same time melancholic, powerful and confident. Experiments and mixtures of genres are waiting for you.
Lyrics are an extract from the collection « Les Tragiques » by Théodore Agrippa d’Aubigné.
The sun is the human body, if the sun goes out, the whole system goes out … when the heart no longer beats, you become a soulless body.

LISTEN now to «  Je vous hais de tout mon cœur  » released on March 29, 2020. With his first EP, Putril reveals us a rawer and less agreed music than we usually produce. As evidenced by its raw and unadorned recording. Poetics lyrics, sometimes with audiobiographical aspect, have as themes love, hate, the broken heart and the thoughts of a man torn in a French Black Metal.

LISTEN now to « Firebirds » released on April 13, 2020.
Hurlenoir begins with an acoustic guitar riff announcing what will happen next, no outpouring of joy but an irrepressible tendency to contemplation.
[LockUpSession] opens the path so far closed in your mind without imposing one.

« Ceci n’est pas du post-rock » April 9, 2020. IIL leads his Art but yet you will always have the choice to let your mind go where you want and immerse yourself in the engaging atmosphere of this song.[LockUpSession] opens the path so far closed in your mind without imposing one.

LISTEN now to « Il Nocte » released on March 6th, 2020. With their second track, the two protagonists take us into the dark expanse of darkness that surrounds us.
« Il Nocte » , the twilight of the soul, the dreamer’s insomnia.

HURLENOIR & IIL : First Track
Released on January 29, 2020 « Énéide » is the first title of Hurlenoir & IIL. An echo of isolation, internal flaws and maladjustment.
An expression taking shape through sincere music, tinged with a disillusioned look with abstract colors.
The duo quickly decided to work together on a first single highlighting clear and obscure music with various influences.

Hurlenoir & IIL

HURLENOIR & IIL : Introduce
Their meeting brought out the need to express their inner upheavals within a common project based … READ MORE