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HURLENOIR unveils its latest clip entitled Adieu . The opportunity for the artist to come full circle by celebrating the 1 year of his latest EP, « Achromaria » but also to say goodbye to a world in perdition.
The black and white visual is captivating, we are immersed in its dark and grandiose universe.

New things are coming, stay tune.


After « ACHROMARIA » released in August 2021, Hurlenoir is back with a new title: Anomalie.
Accompanied by its faithful clip in BLACK&WHITE, the track gives us a well-assumed Post-punk.


After the publication of two first singles ‘1993’ and ‘Monarque’ extract from the album. Achromaria is finally available for full listening on all streaming platforms and in CD-DIGIPACK format. To celebrate the release, we produce a music video for the song ‘Maria’ directed by Mirina Deljehier.

Energetic bass beats, punchy rhythms whisper ominously restrained abrasive riffs and urgent, piercing guitar lines, bringing together strength and distortion to accompany the intense French Hurlenoir’s voice releasing anxiety, anger and revenge to disrupt a door to the past, where the lyrics contemplate an alternate existence.


INTERVIEW in French with Jean Pazola for the number #69 IN EXTREMIS fanzine

Published december 8, 2021

BACK TO 1993

On June, 18th, 2021 Hurlenoir’s reveals the first song ‘1993‘, extract from the forthcoming album « ACHROMARIA ». First track that soaks its notes in a post-punk cold, 1993 takes us back 28 years.
The obsession with a bygone Age, melancholyc, Hurlenoir remembers what once changed our life.

The first broadcast realized by Yami Spechie.


Hurlenoir’s new album « ACHROMARIA » will be released on August 13!

Evolving in a rock and post-punk style with a predilection for dark and melancholic atmospheres,
he claims the influence of bands like Varsovie, the first Noir Désir, Joy Division. As well as the Metal and Coldwave scenes.
The texts in French are marked by a decadent and expressionist writing. With references linked to personal crises, Hurlenoir confronts us with our own condition.


As much a musician as a painter, Hurlenoir is an artist who openly exploits dark themes in order to challenge and engage in reflection on the often rugged course of life. By means of his art, he awakens feelings, triggers emotions, arouses reactions to confront the viewer with his own condition.

A feeling of duality emerges essentially in the work of Hurlenoir. He often expresses it through black and white. By flushing out the very essence of humanity, through the gesture and expression of its contrasts, he manages to rekindle dull glances, to unblock frozen movements, to pronounce inexpressible words.

Many could only see in it the fear of death, or a schizophrenic and painful aspect. However, once the initial apprehensions are overcome, it is clear that it is life which, in reality, is at the center of his work.


EP Létharmine in collaboration with IIL

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